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One of the stars in Pleiades.

PLEIADES Greek mythology. The seven daughters of Atlas (Maia, Electra, Celaeno, Taygeta, Merope, Alcyone and Sterope) who were metamorphosed as stars.

PLEIADES The name adopted by Ronsard (1556) to designate himself and his most eminent companions among the poets of the “brigade”.

In allusion to a group of Alexandrian poets named after The Pleiades.

Toronto’s best secret is finally out! A favourite of the local Mount Pleasant crowd is also drawing a lot of attention from first time customers.

Café Pleiade has had the outstanding vision to create a French fine dining experience in a family-friendly environment within the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant Village. The master chef, Siva Thia, has experience in French authentic cuisine and continental cuisines. He is also an amazing pastry chef to make you the perfect dessert to finish off your exquisite meal. Café Pleiade serves delicious desserts such as Opera, Îles flottantes, Crêpe à l’orange and Crème brûlée. The restaurant has signature dishes such as Crêpe of chicken, saumon au beurre blanc, Calf’s liver demi glaze and Seafood à la Provençal.

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